We recognise that the process of organising a funeral can be very stressful and difficult at a particularly overwhelming time, and there may appear to be an overwhelming number of options. Here, you will find the options available, but you can always call us and we can talk you through it. We can offer as much support as you need, to help you decide on the appropriate type of ceremony.


We offer ceremonies at a variety of burial sites in and around Bristol and Bath, including natural burial sites. A natural burial is a simple, natural and beautiful approach to honouring our dead. It helps us make the least impact on the environment as possible. We use biodegradable coffins or shrouds. We encourage dressing the deceased in natural materials as opposed to man-made fabrics. A natural burial would not include embalming with toxic preservative treatments, and we would bury our loved ones at a much shallower depth than a traditional 6 feet under approach – helping us to provide much valued nutrients to the living layer of the soil.


If you would prefer a cremation we can offer a ceremony at a crematorium of your choice.


We also offer a simple approach for a direct cremation, after which we shall return the ashes for you to hold a memorial ceremony in your own time. NB: The family do not attend a direct cremation.


A memorial ceremony held 6 months or a year after death can be a valuable way of honouring someones life with enhanced clarity. Sometimes the initial weeks after death can feel too soon to hold a full ceremony. As a result, a memorial can offer a more considered approach to celebrating a life, allowing the family and friends time to create an appropriate ceremony.


Whatever your choice, we recognise that it can feel more appropriate to hold a ceremony outside the more traditional Funeral spaces of a church or crematorium.

Over the years we have conducted ceremonies in private homes, in gardens, on allotments, church halls, and other local venues that hold a special meaning for families.

Divine Ceremony offers a wide range of ceremonies both non-religious and religious, as well as offering support to those families who wish to create their own DIY funeral ceremonies.

We work across Bristol, Bath and surrounding areas, helping you create your ceremony, your way.