divine ceremony willow coffinThis is by no means an exhaustive list but will give you an idea of what is available.

If you choose to work with us, we will pass on the coffin at direct cost with a nominal handling fee of £55. We can talk you through the options, and place an order for you, but to give you some idea of availability:

For cardboard coffins:

Check out the Greenfields website for further details on coffin style and price.
Contact: www.greenfieldcreations.co.uk
Tel: 01440 788866

For Willow coffins:

We recommend Manda at Wyldwood Willow based in Usk.
Through her own very personal experience of making a coffin for her daughter, Manda has created a wonderful technique of willow weaving that truly brings out the best of this beautiful sustainable wood product. Her website gives you all the options and prices, not including our nominal handling fee of £55.
Contact: www.wyldwoodwillow.co.uk
Tel: (0)7816 005251

For sustainable wood coffins:

We recommend John Connell at Honest Coffins:
John makes lovely, simple coffins for burial and cremation, from his base in Gloucestershire.
Contact: www.honestcoffins.co.uk
Tel: 0300 303 1022

For Woollen/ Felt Coffins:

Award-winning coffins through Yuli Somme at Bellacouche. The Leafcocoon & Leafpod are a complete alternative to conventional wooden coffins and are suitable for traditional, natural and woodland burial grounds.
Contact: www.bellacouche.com
Tel: 01647 441405 or 07763 935897


Flowers are a very personal detail in a funeral ceremony. You do not have to spend a lot of money on flowers, sometimes the best displays can come from the garden or foraged foliage can work very well. However, we recognise that we all have differing views on what is appropriate. As a result we recommend the following florists in Bristol.
Helen’s Flowers based in Thornbury are highly recommended. Helen is a true artist when it comes to flower arranging, and will work closely with you to design an appropriate display. You can contact her direct on:
Tel: 07774 607034
Tilly Tomlinson has been a florist in Bristol for the last 15 years. Working from the centre of Bristol, Tilly is also highly recommended for funeral floristry.
Contact: www.tillytomlinsonflowers.co.uk
Tel: 0117 904 1141
One last thought on flowers. It is worth thinking about where the flowers will go after the ceremony. Often they are left outside to wither, or placed in a bin by busy crematorium staff. If you can work with your florist to create a display that you can take home after the ceremony, they can be a beautiful reminder for a few more days.
Additionally, cut flowers can travel many, many miles from source, and we would encourage you to talk with your florist about using local sustainable sources.

Memorial pieces:

There are many memorial sites on the internet with options for making jewelry from ashes, benches, and glassware.
Just to give you some ideas:
Elysium: make personal, bespoke memorials from glass and wood. They are beautiful unique pieces of artwork in their own right, yet the origin of their creation honours the life of a loved one.
Elysium are based in Frome, Somerset. If you would like more information about what they do, or to discuss a commission then please contact either Fay or Kate on:
Contact: www.elysiummemorials.com
Tel: 01373 301 790 / 07910 341597

Cremation Urns:

Beth at Earth Vessels is an artist and qualified counsellor, specialising in loss. Through her own experiences, she was drawn to combine these two threads in her life and create special cremation urns which she hopes will help people to grieve the passing of their loved ones and be a unique memorial to them.
Contact: www.earthvessels.co.uk
Tel: 01803 834429 / 07814 769668