Pre-planning what you would like to happen in the event of your death can be a very cathartic experience; it offers peace of mind, and the reassurance that your family will not need to second guess your wishes. This leaves your family and/or loved ones free to carry out your wishes, and allowing them to also focus on the other perhaps more practical matters that will arise. Perhaps you do not have a large family, or are concerned who would take care of your funeral needs. In any event it is very helpful to have made some plans.


We can come to your home, and talk through the various decisions to be made; what kind of ceremony you would like, readings and/ or music, the venue, and any additional extras. We can help you cost your ceremony and should you require a pre-paid funeral plan, we can also help manage this process too.

For an increasing number of people, planning their funeral is as important as writing their Will. Indeed the document we create together is often placed with the Will, until such time as it will be needed.

Our clients often tell us how rewarding an experience it is, and how comforting it is, knowing they have taken the burden of decision from their families and loved ones.

Do call us for further information or to set up an appointment.