Ryding004.jpgWe are passionate about, and dedicated to offering a dignified and compassionate alternative to current funeral practices.

Divine Ceremony is proud to be able to offer a Home Funeral Service, which can be one of the most rewarding and dignified ways of saying goodbye. A Home Funeral allows the deceased to remain at home until the funeral has been arranged, cared for by the family, with our support and guidance.

We will come to your home or to the hospice, and help you care for your loved one after death. During this time the process of planning the funeral can also take place. We encourage involvement from the family as much as is possible, and/ or desired. For many this is a very helpful, supportive and honest way of coming to terms with loss; allowing us to move forward with our own lives, whilst honouring a life lost with great dignity.

Ryding008.jpgWe are all Unique. A Home Funeral may not suit everyone and as such Divine Ceremony remain committed to helping you plan for whatever type of ceremony you choose.

Divine Ceremony is a member of  the national Home Funeral Network, and can work alongside the South West’s Soul Midwives, helping families to retain a greater degree of control over the end of life and funeral process.