IMG_8881.JPGPlanning a funeral is a very stressful time for many people. During our lifetime, most of us will plan 3 separate funerals for family and/or friends. As a result, here at Divine Ceremony, alongside our funeral advisory service, we also offer a personal Funeral Planning service.

We can help you plan your own funeral, helping to take a lot of the stress away from your family and loved ones in the event of your death.

Through consultation we will write a funeral wish list, and help you to structure your ceremony to include the following:

  • Whether you wish to be buried or cremated. Perhaps you would like a natural burial? Perhaps you would not like a funeral service as such but would prefer a simple cremation followed by a memorial ceremony at a later date.
  • Your thoughts on embalming
  • Coffin or shroud?
  • Your favourite music
  • Hymns
  • Poetry/readings
  • Who you would like to take your ceremony – vicar/ celebrant or family member
  • What structure the ceremony would provide and where would you like it to be held?
  • Flowers
  • Donations
  • Reception/wake?

After an initial consultation, we will provide you with a document for you to keep in a safe place – perhaps with your will, or with us – for use at a later date, leaving you free to concentrate on living your life, safe in the knowledge that you have truly supported your family and friends in the event of your death.